Trying to collect and upload as many posters as i can to create a good archive of gigs, especially ones that happened in Athens,Greece. Please contribute your information of DIY hc/punk gigs in Greece!

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- name of each band
- year
- place/venue/collective
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Type what you are looking for in the "search tags" bar at the bottom of the main page. For bands with greek names you must use greek alphabet!
Συνέντευξη των Αδιέξοδο στο Maximumrocknroll #23 τον Μάρτιο του 1985.
Η σκηνή δεν ειναι χώρος μόδας και επίδειξης, είναι τρόπου ζωής, σεβασμού και αυτοεκτίμησης.
The “scene’ is not a place of fashion and show off, is α place of life, respect and self-esteem .